Sell My iPhone 4

If you have an old iPhone 4 that you have been holding on to for a long time and you have now decided to sell it, you might pose and ask how do I prepare to sell my iPhone 4 right away? You do not want to spend days looking for someone to purchase your used iPhone. Remember that there are many people selling iPhone 4. As such, the condition of your iPhone will determine how fast it will sell. Therefore, make sure that your device is appealing to more prospects. Ensuring that your device is in good condition when you sell it will not only attract more prospects. It will also earn you good money.

Restore the device to factory settings

Restoring iPhone 4 to the factory settings ensures that the device does not have personal data in it. It is also important that you clean the device of the apps. You may take a while to do this but it is important because it ensures that the iPhone is in the condition that it was when you purchased it. You need to ensure that the device is fully charged or plug it into the power source while doing that.

Take proper care of the SIM card

You own the SIM card in the iPhone 4. This is associated with your carrier information and phone number. Removing the MicroSIM is easy but you should take proper care of it so that you can use it in the new iPhone that you purchase.

Clean the iPhone

After cleaning the iPhone software-wise, it is now time to clean its outside. Do not fret if the device has a few scratches and dings. Although these might hinder you from getting high resale value, most buyers will not care about such scratches. You just need to be honest while describing the condition of the iPhone to prospective buyers.

Package the device properly

You should find the packaging of the iPhone and use it to sell the device. Most buyers prefer used iPhones that come with their original packaging. This is because the packaging indicates that the owner took good care of the iPhone. Generally, how you present your used iPhone is very important. Therefore, take good photos of the iPhone, the packaging and accessories. Include the iPhone charger, data cable and other accessories in the description to make the device appealing to more prospects.

Unlock or jailbreak the device

An unlocked iPhone 4 will typically sell at a higher price than a locked iPhone or a device that has not been jail broken. Therefore, jailbreak and unlock your iPhone to increase its resale value. You can contact your current carrier to request them to unlock your device. Most carriers will accept as long as your contract with them has already ended.

We know that you want to make the most money selling your iPhone 4. Our goal is to give you the best experience as you sell your device. Have you been asking, how do I prepare to sell my iPhone 4? Then follow these tips to prepare your device for sale then use our iPhone sale service to get the best deal on your used iPhone 4.

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