Sell My iPhone 5

You can get quick cash by selling your used iPhone 5 but the question that you might is how do I sell my iPhone 5? Whenever there are rumors that Apple is about to release a new version of iPhone, many people or the early adapters rush to sell their old iPhones so that they can be the first ones to own the latest smartphone. This is because they know that their old iPhones are still valuable and there are people out there who might be interested in owning them. As such, they sell used iPhones to make money that can be used to fund the purchase of the latest iPhone or even use it to do other things. Our experts provide tips on what you should do while selling your iPhone 5.

Know what will affect the resale value of your iPhone 5

There are several factors that will affect the resale value of your iPhone 5. For instance, the model of the device will affect its resale value as well as its condition. The functionality and cosmetic condition of the device are the major factors that will affect its resale value. Therefore, how well you have been taking care of your iPhone 5 will affect its condition. If the iPhone has been unlocked, it means that it can be used with other carriers and this enhances its resale value. A phone with engravings will be sold at a lower price. This is because most buyers do not want a phone that has engravings. Therefore, these lower the resale value of the iPhone while making it attract fewer prospects.

Wipe the iPhone clean

It is a good idea to wipe the device clean. Ensure that you have cleared all data from the phone and restored it to the original settings before you sell it. This implies that you should back up photos, contacts and other personal information elsewhere before you sell the iPhone. It is advisable that you restore the iPhone to original settings at least twice to ensure that the new owner cannot retrieve the data. Additionally, remove SIM card from the device and turn off its tracking app. Also ensure that you have paid the device bill and that your account is not tied to the iPhone.

Weigh the options

Take time to conduct some market research so that you can identify the best place to sell your iPhone. With our iPhone sale service, we enable you to get the most money from the iPhone. With our service, you simply describe your device to prospective buyers. Share information about the version of your iPhone and its condition. We make selling a used iPhone convenient and easy. We also enable you to get the most money from your device because it will be visible to more prospective buyers once you use our service. Still asking how can I sell my iPhone 5? Then use our iPhone sale service. We assure you an easy and smart way of selling a used iPhone.

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